Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Potlucks Galore

Update 2!! 

Sorry for the delay! I spent all night Wednesday cooking, and all morning Thursday cooking, then all afternoon eating! :-D

We placed everyone's names in a random drawing and the winner of the gift card is Katrina Marie!

Thank you so much to all who left a comment and voted! Please be on the lookout for more posts on recipes (including the Thanksgiving post) and more contests!

Have a great holiday break!



Thank you to all who voted! I loved hearing your thoughts! The votes are in...and our winners are...drum roll please...

Shredded Chicken Empanadas with Pique (8 votes)
Mixed Greens Salad with Pecans, Cranberries, and Sweet Orange Vinaigrette (7 votes)

and third runner up is...the Red Velvet cake (5 votes). If there is time, I may tweak the rules and bring the cake too. :-) I may not be able to resist. I'll let you know. 

We didn't hit 22 votes, but that is ok! I will cast each person's name in a random drawing and then randomly draw a name to select the winner of the $15 Target gift card. 

The winner will be announced tonight.

For now, it is time to do some grocery shopping... :-)
With Kat's family's Thanksgiving potluck right around the corner, the only question is, what to bring? Last year we had the traditional greens, dressing, ham, turkey, mac and cheese, Puerto Rican rice (courtesy of moi and traditional for my family), and Kel's signature pound cake. 

As the eclectic foodies we are, we always like to experiment and try different foods. Of course, we can't get too crazy. Not every palate will agree with what we would eat, so I've made a list of slightly adventurous dishes I would love to try.  I always want to make much more than I am asked to make but of course I will have to limit myself to two yummy dishes.  

Possibilities are:

Sausage and Vidalia (Sweet) Onion Casserole 
Shredded Chicken Columbian Empanadas with Pique (Dipping Sauce)
Arroz con gandulez (Rice with Pigeon Peas or Puerto Rican rice)
Clean Green Bean Casserole (Courtesy of Detoxinista at detoxinista.com)
Red Velvet Cake (a recipe that has been passed down in one of my colleague's families) 
Broccoli with Bacon and Pine Nuts
Mixed Greens Salad with Pecans, Cranberries, and Sweet Orange Vinaigrette (Also courtesy of Detoxinista at detoxinista.com)

Cast your vote! Which two dishes sound the best? I will pick the highest ranking and blog the recipes in prep for Thanksgiving!

 Don't forget, as my 22nd poster, you will receive a $15 Target gift card! :-)


  1. Hey Lexi, it's Theresa, If I was there I would try the broccoli with pine nuts and bacon
    mixed Greens Salad with pecans, cranberries, and sweet orange vinaigrette. Mainly because it is something new and also there will already be alot of meats, carbs (mac and cheese, potatoes, etc),and sweets (pies and cakes with ice cream). So having a veggie and salad I think would balance it out.. I wish I could try it. Can't wait to see ya'll at Christmas!!!

  2. Hey Alexia! I vote for the sausage and onion casserole and the Mixed Greens Salad! YUMMY! I wish I were going with y'all to your Thanksgiving celebration. Thanks again SO much for coming to our baby shower/family celebration.. and especially helping with the food like you did! We need to go dancing soon!

  3. Shredded Chicken Columbian Empanadas with Pique (Dipping Sauce) & Broccoli with Bacon and Pine Nuts has my voted! Although all of them sound delicious! =-)

  4. I vote for the empanadas and the salad! mmmm... Amazing Blog btw! :-)

  5. Hey Lexi this is Auntie Mattie and i think Shredded Chicken Columbian Empanadas with Pique (Dipping Sauce)Mixed Greens Salad with Pecans, Cranberries, and Sweet Orange Vinaigrette think it would be something different and healthy..btw great blog your doing an awesome job love it,God bless you love you!!

  6. I think the Mixed Greens Salad would be the best!

  7. The "Sausage and Vidalia (Sweet) Onion Casserole" sounds really good.

    But I'm a sucker for sweets so I say the Red Velvet Cake lol

  8. Hi my Pinkaliciously Sweet Daughter! I vote for the Arroz con Gandulez and the Empanadas. That way you can bring something ethnic!

    Love you,

    Pinkalicious Mom and Girls

  9. I vote for the Puerto Rican rice and the salad! Thank you!

  10. John Jean Willis IIINovember 21, 2012 at 3:43 PM

    Hey sis, great looking blog. It was quite tough for me to vote with all the great options of food but I have to go with both the the Shredded chicken Columbian empanadas with pique and to top that delicious entree off with the Red velvet cake. Just sitting down in my dorm room casting my votes makes me hungry lol. Love you and talk to you soon.

  11. Sausage & vadalia onion casserole. Red velvet cake

    Love U
    Auntie Stephanie

  12. My vote is for the empanadas and the mixed green salad. :-)

  13. The empanadas and red velvet cake sound good!

  14. Hi Lexi, John III said, it best; shredded chicken columbian empanadas with pique(dippin sauce)and top it off with red velvet cake. My final answer. He knows, we had red velvet cake for thanksgiving at Aunt Ruby house last year. Good luck!! Miss u!! Have a happy thanksgiving. God Bless You!