Behind the Blog...Lex!

Hi There,

And welcome to my blog! I started this blog ages ago when my bestie suggested I start one to post about all the yummy food I made. This blog is still a work in progress, as I work on finding out my point of view, its purpose, and its distinct personality.

For now, it's just another way to document my passion for creating. I love to putter about in the kitchen, trying out new recipes. I love spending hours watching HGTV and the Food Network, reading blogs, and imagining what my dream kitchen will look like.

I work full-time in the nonprofit sector as an Education Manager, sending volunteers into schools to teach my organization's business curricula. It's a wonderful opportunity to impact children's lives without actually being in the classroom, which is a future career goal of mine. I am currently working on expanding my theater portfolio, and also hope to attend culinary school one day.

I hope you enjoy the posts, and stay tuned for some much needed blog growth!


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