Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Eats!

Happy Thanksgiving! It's super late, and it's been a while, but I wanted to post about my Thanksgiving eats.

Paleo Thanksgiving!
Kat and I had a Paleo Thanksgiving lunch on Wednesday. That was thanksgiving one. :-p. I made the following recipes:

Pecan Pie with Bacon Crust- this turned out decent. I loved that the list of ingredients was straightforward, and there wasn't too much sugar in the recipe. The drizzle also turned out better than I thought, especially because I only like the taste of coconut milk in certain things. I would give this recipe a three.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Pecan Ginger Glaze- LOVED this recipe, and I could make it again and again. I actually used sweet potatoes instead of the butternut squash, and it was so good! The syrup you toss the squash in is warm, sweet, and complex. So good and perfect for a fall spread!

Cheesy Mashed Yucca- this recipe didn't actually taste cheesy at all, but  I still loved it. Mashed yucca is so much thicker and sticks to your ribs more than mashed cauliflower does. I welcomed the change and will be making mashed yucca in the future! I got a 4 lb bag of frozen yucca from the grocery store (check the latin section of the frozen foods to see if you can find it at your grocery store!) and just used 3/4 of the bag for this recipe. Very easy to make!

Paleo Gravy and Paleo Stuffing from Brittany Angell's free holiday ebook-my gravy looked a lot grittier than the picture in the ebook, but the taste was phenomenal. I loved it on my mashed yucca! The paleo stuffing was good. I halved the recipe but ended up keeping the amount of Italian sausage the same just because we love Italian sausage that much! Was light in flavor, but good.

I also made cranberry sauce from scratch and a nonalcoholic sangria, but those were just okay. :-/

Wednesday night we went to my co-worker's turkey and tequila party. Such a lovely concept! We brought a turkey and they fried it so we didn't have to cook it today! They used a cajun injector too, which was so yummy! There were so many yummy finger foods to try! Deer sausage with pineapple bites, mini ham sandwiches with mustard, cheddar Bisquick sausage bites, and they had a little spread of their own with fried and roast turkey, green beans (I brought those), mac and cheese, a snicker doodle apple pie bake, thumbprint cookies, and lots of libations-that was Thanksgiving 2! :-)

Thanksgiving 3!
Today we spent Thanksgiving with Kat's family. I guess that's technically Thanksgiving 3!  We were due at 12:30 at her sister's house, but alas, cp time got the best of us and we got there at about 1:10. Not too bad for us, lol. I made southern mac and cheese for the potluck. I used Sweetie Pie's mac and cheese recipe. There was so much cheese, I had to make some modifications. I followed the recipe, the only tweaks I made were I used an 8 oz block of cheddar and 8 oz block colby jack and 4 tbsp of butter-and this was even after doubling the recipe! In the future I'll be sure I cut the velveeta and butter into tinier cubes so that they melt into the sauce a lot better. It was still really good. Mmmm!

We needed some veggies, so Mark, Kat's sister's husband, asked if I could make a salad. I made Nigella Lawson's Cranberry, Feta, and Pecan Salad. I used about 3/4 of a 10 oz package of 50/50 spinach and baby greens, and used a cup of pecans that I roasted in the oven for a few minutes and it really gave the pecans a lovely, robust flavor. I absolutely love this salad and plan to make it again in the future as a main course meal. The notes in the recipe indicated it's good with either pork tenderloin or grilled chicken-yum!!

After eating, playing with Kat's niece and nephews, and hearty conversations with everyone, Kat, Mama Vellie, Theresa (Mark's sister) and I drove to Walmart to do a little Christmas shopping. I did get to take care of a few people on my list which is always nice!

What did you eat for Thanksgiving today? And, what's on your Christmas list?

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