Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charting New Terrain

It's funny how this blog started. Some moments ago I was reading Judita Wignall's blog, and I desperately wanted to leave a comment. I could sign in anonymously or create an account. On a whim I decided you know what, I will go ahead and sign in with google and make a blogger account so that I can leave comments. Why not? I have wanted to start a blog for a while, especially as a result of my bestie's urging. "You have great ideas, you can write, and cook! You should blog!" She said. But rarely do I ever dive right into something. Horribly indecisive, I research and research all my options, hoping to make the best decision. I will read and reread a restaurant menu, agonizing over the different choices. "Ooh, I have always wanted to try a Caprese salad, I love tomatoes and mozzarella and especially basil--oh but for the price I pay I could make my own--and since I feel sensually superior after my little foré into cooking and following recipes, I can pretty much imagine how all those ingredients would taste together--and ooooh, doesn't that pasta look good? But I always get pasta--but damnit, the tuscan steak with goat cheese, which I really, really want, is effin expensive--okay, I will just go with the fettucini alfredo. I know it's good... and well, not too pricy..."

We actually talked about this yesterday-- the bestie read something online about learning how not  to hesitate. We stopped by chili's after witnessing a hilarious bachelorette auction and ordered from the $20 Dinner for Two Menu. I tried practicing this. I decided to go with my gut, which said, "Mmm, get the Margarita Chicken." I was super happy and very satisfied with my choice...then I looked over the other options and really started poring over them. I literally had to stop my thoughts from going into overdrive. I chose the chicken, and it was incredible. 

 It seems there are so many right ways to do things. I come across amazing blogs every day. High quality pictures, lyrical descriptions, people living their dreams everyday. I wonder, can I live up to that? I call it my "Pore-over-other-people's-lives-through-blog-and-facebook-and compare-them-to-mine" syndrome. But in reality, we all have specialties. We all want to be special. There's no reason things have to perfect. Messy can be good. Diversion can provide the freshest start.

 As the cliché goes, life is short. Why hesitate?

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