Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Double Chocolate Dark Chocolate and Mint Chip Cookies

That was a mouthful...and literally, you'll want a mouthful after your teeth sink into these gooey, minty, chocolaty delights. Cheese! Well, maybe not cheese, but CHOCOLATE!! :-D Drooool....

Don't forget the leche!!!

I had no idea that Nestle sold so many specialty chocolate (and other flavor) chips at Christmastime. And yes, it's Christmastime officially. Thanksgiving has yet to arrive, but city trees are going up, rolls of wrap stand tall in cardboard displays, Christmas tunes jingle and dingle over radio airwaves, and Central Market has officially become a fir wonderland. It's here! 

Do you see my snow-friend? What a cute green nose! :-)
So, a couple weeks ago I was leaving Walmart and I stumbled upon a bag of glorious mint and dark chocolate chips. All I could think was, must have them! And, mint thins! By the time I got home, I almost had my mind made up. I would make double chocolate chip cookies, and just use the bag of chips. Then I peered at the back of the bag of chips and decided to follow the recipe for "Mint Chocolate Delights". They were amazing. The first time I made them, I actually used white whole wheat flour. If you are unfamiliar with white whole wheat flour, it has all the nutritional benefits of whole wheat flour, but behaves like white flour. White whole wheat flour yields baked goods that are milder in taste, fluffier and lighter in texture. I can definitely attest to the fact that whole wheat flour will make your baked goods pounds heavier. Okay, maybe not pounds, but it does make baked goods dense. And it tends to have a very strong, bitter flavor. Back to the white whole wheat. I was thrilled that the double chocolate mint cookies took to the flour. Biting into that warm, soft cookie was like sinking my teeth into a pillow. The gooey goodness! The melted chocolate! The cool bite of mint! Yummm. The second time I made the cookies, I used all purpose flour, and they came out similarly. I couldn't really tell the difference. I honestly really love this recipe. If you aren't a huge fan of mint, you probably won't like it too much, but if you like mint, this is a great recipe!
Ze recipe! I actually rolled the dough into golf-ball sized mounds and dropped onto baking sheets, and baked for the same amount of time-amazing!

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