Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why are School Counselors so Awesome? Hint...possible answers below...

I work with schools on a daily basis. Something that I have noticed is that elementary school counselors are awesome. They ROCK!

Here's why, and this list is in no way all-conclusive:

  • They set the tone for the school. I have fallen in love with the many quotes, quips, and sayings decorating school hallways and school counselors' offices. They are so happy to let students be who they are!
  • They wear a LOT of different hats. Many of the school counselors we work with not only provide students with much needed social and psychological support, but they also recruit and coordinate volunteers, promote community involvement through various programs, organize book fairs, plan luncheons, and so much more. 
  • They are super creative! They can roll tissue paper, staple and stencil letters, and create beautiful displays and bulletin boards like nobody's business!
  • As if the above didn't make it clear--they work super hard!
Here are some pictures of some of the quotes and wall art I've seen at a few of my schools. I just love it!

Did I mention teachers are awesome too? One of my school districts often displays student work in the hallways. The student work is evaluated using a peer system, in which students describe how their peers met the learning standard. Amazing! Look at these boards!

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