Friday, May 30, 2014

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day-May Edition!

It's time to reveal what goodies I received in my May Foodie package. Honestly, this is one of the highlights of my month. My pen pal this month was Stefanie from Stockton, California. I learned all sorts of neat things about Stefanie, including that she is going to school for Agricultural Studies and she has traveled to Mexico, Canada, France, and Italy. I get the vibe that she is a very sweet person!

Foodie Pen Pals is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and try new foods! To try out this pen pal concept with a twist, click the Foodie Pen Pal button in my sidebar! It's super easy. You sign up before the 5th of each month at, and Lindsay (genius blogger behind the program) sends out everyone's match for that month on the 5th. Then the ball is in your court to contact your pen pal, learn his/her food/diet preferences, and then you both will spend up to $15 on foodie items to send to each other. The foodie packages are sent out on the 15th of the month. Genius, genius idea! And Lindsay is very organized and detailed about everything. She even sends out reminders!

So, on to describing my goodies! I told Stefanie that I am on Atkins, so I can only eat sugar-free or low-carb items. She was so thoughtful and creative in choosing the items in my package. I oohed and aahed while digging through my package of goodies! Here are some photos of what I got, and you can scroll down to see how I used the items!
Ze open package! She packed all those goodies in a tiny little box! She's a pro! :-)

The coolest card ever! I loved that Stefanie took the time to make it by hand, which makes it so special! Love the pictures too!
The sweet message from Stefanie, and descriptions of each item in the box. She gave some great tips on how to use some of the items!

All of the items in their foodie glory!
Snip Chips- These are made of dried parsnips and coconut, and the flavor is Cheesy Truffle-so gourmet. I was so amazed. These are truly a low-carb substitute for chips. Net carbs=3g! We snacked on these the day I got the package, and will probably finish the bag when I make my Italian-seasoned beef burger patties for dinner this weekend. 

Seasnax- These are thin and crispy sheets of seaweed. HOW did Stefanie know that this is one of my favorite snacks? With barely 1 g net carb per serving (a serving is one container), these babies pack a lot of flavor and texture. They melt in your mouth and like Stefanie says, they are highly addictive!!

Quest Bar- This is a cookies 'n' creme low-carb protein bar. We haven't eaten this yet, but plan to share it for breakfast this morning!! It looks really yummy.

Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds- I haven't used these yet. I've been wanting to try hemp seeds but haven't gotten around to it, so I was thrilled that these made it to my foodie package! These are so good for you. Stefanie says they are great on salads, soup, or straight from the bag. I can't wait to try these on a salad. I know I'll be trying them soon.

Spicy Mango Sauce- This sauce was really cool. It has a spicy and slightly sweet edge to it, hence its name. I decided to use this like I would hot sauce for buffalo wings. I melted 2 tbsp butter in 1/4 cup of the sauce, mixed it well, and tossed freshly roasted chicken wings in it. Yummo!

Spry Gum- Also haven't used this yet, but best believe I will soon! Sugar-free gum that Stefanie's dentist recommends! Can't beat it!

Judy's Candies- Amazing! We ate these the same day. Stefanie gave me two, one that was full caramel and the other one had what tasted like a marshmallow center and a chocolate layer. Oh man. Sooo good, so gooey, so sweet- a perfect dessert.

I loved my items. Thanks so much Stefanie for bringing a whole lot of happiness to my little world! 


  1. those are such creative ideas! I've never seen most of those items. #FoodiePenPals

  2. I will have to look for the Snip chips...never heard of those before! This was a very creative box!

  3. What a fun box of goodies! I look forward to this box every month as well!

  4. Ditto to everything Alexia said. I'm her best friend and roommate and I was lucky enough to partake in these delicious goodies! My favorite item this month was definitely the Spicy Mango Sauce! They went so well with the wings. Mmm... Thanks so much Stephanie and the Lean Green Bean for starting the Foodie Pen Pal. Also thanks to my bestie for sharing her fun tasty goodies with me!